Werka, Ethiopia

Sweet and complex, with notes of vanilla, grape and lemongrass.

Producer: 700 local small-holder farmers.
Estate: Werka Washing Station.
Geography: Nensebo, Ethiopia.
Variety: Heirloom.
Process: Wet.
Altitude: 1900 MASL.

This lot was grown in the Sidama province of Ethiopia, by the farmers of Werka, a small town of the Nensebo woreda. Grown at over 1900 MASL, this coffee comes from local farmers who each tend land of an average size of 3 hectares. Many of these plots will be shared with other crops such as banana, corn, and acacia. These crops not only serve as a secondary income for the farmers, but also provide shade under which the coffee trees can grow, ensuring a slow, even ripening of the coffee cherries.