Juan Cukier, El Salvador

Sweet and crisp, with notes of grape and marzipan.

Producer: Juan Cukier.
Estate: El Retiro.
Botanical Variety: Bourbon.
Process: Wet.
Geography: Santa Ana, El Salvador.
Altitude: 1300 - 1400 MASL.

On the outskirts of Santa Ana in western El Salvador, in the Apaneca-Ilamatepeque mountain range, sits 30 hectares of land named “El Retiro”. Coffee has been grown at El Retiro for over 60 years, and it is Juan Cukier and his family who now watch over the estate. Here, between 1300 and 1400 MASL, 27 hectares of this land is planted with coffee trees, with the remaining 3 hectares reserved for replanting of the natural canopy of Cypress and Mundani trees, which act as shade for the coffee trees at El Retiro.