Gicherori, Kenya

Juicy and bright, with notes of grapefruit and honey.

Producer: 1050 local small-holder famers.
Estate: Gicherori Coffee Factory.
Botanical Variety: SL28, SL34, Ruiru 11, Batain.
Process: Wet.
Geography: Embu County, Kenya.
Altitude: 1550 MASL.

Kenya has long been regarded as an origin at the forefront of high quality coffee, and the Gicherori Coffee Factory is a fine example of this lasting legacy. Established in 1997 within the Manyatta Division of Embu County, this mill processes coffees from over 1050 farms. Sitting at 1550 MASL on the slopes of Mt. Kenya, coffee here is grown here in deep, nutrient rich, red volcanic soil. Coffee is picked and delivered by hand, and processed at Gicherori using the washed method.