Gatina, Kenya

Crisp and bright, with notes of cherry, grapefruit.

Producer: 681 local small-holder farmers.
Estate: Gatina Coffee Factory.
Geography: Nyeri County, Kenya.
Variety: SL28, SL34, Ruiru 11, Batian.
Process: Wet.
Altitude: 1818 MASL.

On the border of Nyeri and Kirinyaga in Kenya, sits the Gatina Coffee Factory. This mill is a part of the Mugaga Farmers network of co-operatively owned factories, where they purchase and process cherries from local farmers, before preparing coffees for export. Farmers throughout Kenya most commonly grow coffee variety trees known as “SL28”, “SL34”, and “Batian”. Coffee cherries from these varieties are renowned for disease resistance, high yields, and their sweet, fruity, “Kenyan” qualities.