Finca Castellon, Colombia

Sweet and clean, with notes of strawberry, peach, tea and chocolate.

Producer: Jairo Arcila.
Estate: Finca Castellon.
Botanical Variety: Gesha.
Process: Natural.
Geography: Quindio, Colombia.
Altitude: 1650 MASL.

In 2003, an old, long forgotten variety of coffee was rediscovered at a small competition in Panama. This lot came from a farm named “Esmeralda”, and it was grown from coffee trees known now as “Gesha”. The lot was sweet, floral, and clean, with incredible complexity, and left everyone eager for more. Since then, the Gesha variety has made its way around the world, where more and more producers are growing this once lost variety.

The Arcila family has been working in coffee for three generations, starting back in 1940, and three years ago, nearly 80 years on, they set out to plant their first Gesha variety. At 1650 MASL, Finca Castellon had had been in the family for almost 15 years, but was used up to this point to raise cattle. Under closer inspection, this land proved to have the right altitude and ideal soil for growing great coffee, so it was here that the family decided to plant their first Gesha trees.

Finca Castellon is grown and naturally processed in Quindío, Colombia. This lot is an exceptional example of what the Gesha variety can be - complex, distinct, and full of character.