Dimas Gutierrez Catisic, El Salvador

Sweet and clean, with notes of mandarin and arrowroot biscuit.

Producer: Dimas Gutierrez.
Estate: Finca Ecologica.
Botanical Variety: Catisic.
Process: Wet.
Geography: Chalatenango, El Salvador.
Altitude: 1500 MASL.

This coffee is one of two lots we have bought from Dimas Garcia Gutierrez in El Salvador. Dimas’ farm Finca Ecologica sits at 1500 MASL, where he grows both Catisic and Pacas variety coffees. This lot is 100% Catisic, a member of the Catimor group of varieties, grown widely and well throughout many parts of central and South America. At Finca Ecologica, Dimas processes his coffee using an 8-19 hour dry fermentation, before pulping, washing, and drying in the sun for 7-16 days.